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Welcome to MyMicroInvest!

We enable you to invest in innovative companies together with professional investors. Take part in the success of company of your choice and build tomorrow’s economy.



Invest in innovative companies together with professionals

€9,214,088 invested and 27,396 members

The Green Link

The last mile 100% green! Business of parcels deliveries ...

Min. €50,000 12 investors



An intensive personal training programme in just 20 minut...

Min. €50,000 28 investors


TEH Concept

A unique system for quality tea preparation, comprised of...

Min. €50,000 30 investors


Les Chamalous

The simplicity of a baby shower gift list 'à la carte'!

Min. €50,000 12 investors


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  1. Pierre Buffet
    Pierre Buffet C.E.O Domobios

    MyMicroInvest is a great financing solution and marketing tool to reach out our clients

  2. Gill Ruidant
    Gill Ruidant C.E.O 2houses.com

    My investor community accompany me in my company development

  3. José Zurstrassen
    José Zurstrassen Business Angel

    People can access an asset class that was formerly reserved to professional investors

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Why MyMicroInvest?

  • Collective selection
    MyMicroInvest 27,396 members select the best investment candidates.
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  • Invest together
    Investors combine their resources and invest together, under the same financial conditions.
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  • Transparency
    For every transaction, an information memorandum is provided with all the necessary financial information relating to your investment.
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