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Infographic: Startup Tax Shelter

Lower your taxes by investing in startups Learn everything about the tax shelter for startups, a tax incentive to encourage Belgian entrepreneurship

Is Equity Crowdfunding Becoming a Global Phenomenon?

Equity crowdfunding is emerging as one of the most disruptive financing solutions. Nations all over the world are increasingly acknowledging its potential and enforcing regulations to give it more room to grow. Let’s look at the reasons equity crowdfunding is turning into a global phenomenon...

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Startup Success Stories | Creo² & Opinum

Hi and welcome to our success story highlights, where we feature businesses that successfully secured funds on our platform! Kicking off this new series are Creo² and Opinum, two B2B startups that went from idea to launch in Belgium, and beyond. Opinum: From disruptor to game changer He's barely 28 and already has three successful startups under his belt. Meet Loïc Bar, CEO of Opinum...

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5 Reasons You Should Invest on MyMicroInvest

We’ve listed our top 5 reasons to seriously consider investing in our crowdfunding projects as part of a well-diversified portfolio. Investing online was never easier! You should invest on MyMicroInvest because... You’ll potentially maximise your return on investment. Who knows, you might just share in the success of the next big thing...

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Tax Shelter 2017: What you need to know

Starting 2017, investing in growth businesses on MyMicroInvest will become a lot easier and attractive! Let’s talk about the tax shelter and what this means for you. Back in July 2015, the Belgian government implemented a series of tax incentives for investors to fund entrepreneurs and their SMEs...

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