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No Gluten Shop

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Your go-to eShop for gluten-free food
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No Gluten Shop

10% of the population is already following a gluten-free diet. No Gluten Shop has been developed for them. This online marketplace is the first one in Belgium that dedicates itself to a gluten-free lifestyle. No Gluten Shop wishes to become the go-to european marketplace for gluten-free food.

Fundraising Objectives

No Gluten Shop is fundraising for a minimum of €50,000 from the crowd, with a minimum of €200,100 from professional co-investors, for a total financing round of a minimum of €300,000 with a maximum of €400,000. The funding will be used to grow their team, to accelerate their deliveries and to develop their marketing strategies for ads, partnerships or campaigns.


- No Gluten Shop is a thriving business with significant international growth potential.
- Because gluten intolerance affects not only the concerned individual but also his/her family, the demand for gluten-free food is much higher than we believe.
- This market is worth approximately 850 millions of Euros in Europe and is growing by roughly 30% every year in Belgium and France.

"Through No Gluten Shop we strive to offer the largest selection of gluten-free products at the fairest prices.”

Bernard Perelsztejn, founder
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