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e-loue.com allows individuals or professionals to rent their objects, and look for objects for rent.
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What is e-loue?

e-loue is a rental marketplace for all types of goods.

See the founder's presentation of e-loue at TEDxParisUniverstié (in french):

What are the main advantages of e-loue?

e-loue allows owners to rent their goods. e-loue allows tenants to find properties to rent. e-loue connects landlords and tenants. e-loue manages billing and insurance. e-loue is available everywhere in France. e-loue allows professionals to create their own rental page (via a secure professional page).

Where this idea comes from?

We were moving to a new place, we found ourselves on a Saturday afternoon and had to put up furniture. Unfortunately, we needed a drill and no one of us had one . We thought about buying one but for one or two uses, paying so much didn't worth it. Then we thought about renting one in a rental shop, but this place was too far from the place we where. The rental price was too high and store opening hours not adapted.

Then we asked our friends if they had drill to rent us, but bad luck no one had one. Finally we ended up finding one asking our neighbors, but we said, if none of the neighbors had one, it would have been a shame to miss other people in the neighborhood who could have one. We then had the idea of creating a peer to peer platform for renting.

From the idea to the company...

The company was created in 2009 at the H.E.C incubator. The company raised 500K EUR via well known Business Angels: Didier Pineau Valencienne (ex CEO Schneider), Olivier Schatz (ex DG Ixis), the brothers Blanc Resauration, Leopold Schonbach (Ex commercial director at IBM France), etc.

The company status is "Jeune Entreprise Innovante" and won several awards: BETC Startup Lab, Challenge 100 Startups d'avenir, BFM PME 2010, Parrainer la croissance, Oséo, JEI, Centre Francilien de l’innovation, Microsoft BizSpark, IBM Startups, Lauréat reégional RMC Bougeons nous, Bourse de l’innovation.

e-loue has many press release in the french, belgian and international medias. The company also created 3 huge viral campaigns with (retal of expensive lawnmower, loueunepetiteamie.com (rentagirlfriend), etc).

What are the main achievments?

January 2009: Company Creation April 2009: Launch site beta June 2009: HEC Incubator integration June 2010: First fundraising 500 K € January 2011: Launch Iphone Application and SFR Jeunes Talents Startup label May 2012: New version of the site and new items Cars and Accommodation November 2012: Partnerships Insurance August 2013: 100,000 unique visitors exceeded


e-loue meets several needs:

Increase the purchasing power (both owners and tenants) who are saving and making money.

Respect the environment: renting avoids over consumption.

Fun: allow a user to rent items that could not financially buy (technology, luxury ...), developing human relationships by meeting the world during transactions.

The practical side of things: improve daily life by offering a service, allow the nearby locations with the proposed card system.

Solidarity: through association rents e-heart, but let the object means to make money but to serve, help someone.


We have two targets, individuals and professionals.

For C2C (individuals), we acquire customer by using the existing web marketing tools: affiliate, buying advertising space buying keywords on search engines and social networks, contests, etc. .

For B2B (shops), we create a sales force network to recruit more professionals renters.

This campaign ended on 2014-03-31

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