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A solution that simplifies the life of allergic people, an attractive trap for house dust mites.
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Update 2017 - Clarifying the relations between Domobios, Acar'Up and Allerinvest

Acar'Up (owned by Allerinvest) is a spin-off of Domobios. During the first financing round, investors funded Domobios. Afterwards, Allerinvest was seperated from Domobios so the compartment was renamed Domobios/Allerinvest which now holds the shares of both Domobios and Allerinvest.


Belgian company specialized in the R&D of products eliminating household pests such as mites, bedbugs, lice, fleas, cockroaches. Our philosophy is to develop innovative, sustainable and nontoxic products.

Spin-off of the UCL and the ULB, Domobios is a Belgian company specialized in the R&D of products eliminating household pests such as mites, bedbugs, lice, fleas, cockroaches.

We develop innovative, sustainable and nontoxic products. Our core business is to make a free pest home. We are also interested in developing products to control other type of pests, for instance agricultural ones. Our customers are national and international operating companies active in the field of pest control.

Domobios was formed in 2013 and is now composed of 1 manager and 4 researchers.

Our first product is Acar'Up, a medical device which traps dust mites ( This product is an effective solution to fight against dust mite allergies.


We face every day (and night) with so many small pest animals as mites, bedbugs, lice... Inevitable inconveniences are linked with those pests: dust mite allergies, bites from bed bugs, lice alerts in schools or ladybird invasion in houses…So many annoyances that prevent us from enjoying our day and from sleeping during the night ...

Nowadays, insecticides are increasingly negatively pointed for their ineffectiveness against pests (resistance phenomenon...) and for their adverse effects on non-target organisms (toxicity to humans, pets, beneficial fauna ...). Therefore, it becomes critical to develop innovative and environmentally friendly alternatives.

We fit with the sustainable development approach, which is important for the consumer.


Acar'Up (already commercialized product) - a revolutionary product for people allergic to dust mites: Acar'up is recommended by specialists (pulmonologists, allergists, ear-nose-throat specialists ...) and by general practitioners. Acar'Up is available in all pharmacies.

Acar'Up for dogs (on the market in the end of 2016) - a product for dogs allergic to theri specific mites. Acar'up is already recommended by veterinary specialists (dermatologists).

Ongoing programs (under development products):

• Bed Bugs

• Mites in food

• Head lice

• Asian Ladybugs

• Cockroaches


Marketing strategy

Pests studied in Domobios have been carefully selected for
• Their level of inconvenience (bites, health outbreaks, economic losses, allergies ...)
• The lack of efficient and environmentally friendly means of eradication
• The market for these products

Distribution strategy

Different BtoB markets in function of the target pest:
Pharmacies market for Acar’up (for allergic people), for lice traps
Veterinary and pharmacies for Acar’up for dogs (for allergic dogs)
Ironsmith, DIY store for other traps
Supermarket, retail for other traps

Main partners


Other PME such as Acar’up SPRL (BE), DB innovative (FR), Bara (FR), Fyteco (BE)

Public funds such as Innoviris, Walloon Region.

Private funds such as Inventure, MMI, Theodorus, Carrying entrepreneurship Fund. SRIB. Belfius.

Universities (Ulg, Ulb, Ucl)