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Facilitating co-parenting in Europe and the United States
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This campaign ended on 2017-05-30


2houses is a web platform and mobile app that helps separated parents communicate and organise themselves better. Making their lives, and most importantly, their child’s life, easier. 2houses offers custody and school scheduling, shared expenses tracking and many other set of tools.

Fundraising Objectives

2houses is fundraising for a minimum of €50,000 from the crowd, with a minimum of €150,000 from professional co-investors, for a total financing round of a minimum of €200,000 with a maximum of €249,750. The funding will be used for member acquisition, monetisation of current service and marketing for the mobile app.


- There are 40 millions divorced parents in Europe and more than 1.6 million new divorces or separations involving children every year.
- 75% of their users are based in the US.

"Divorced parents still have to communicate, whether it is face to face or through phone conversations. But this often generates conflict. Having a web interface removes the emotional element and improves the communication.”

Gill Ruidant, founder
This campaign ended on 2017-05-30