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Selfcare take good care of yourself

Over 60 % of chronic diseases are preventable

Current developments in the market enable each and everyone of us to take more control over our lifes. We pay our bills using online banking, we buy our music online, we watch movies wherever and whenever we want, we personally arrange our holidays and deal with legal issues from the living room. These oppurtunities have arisen just about everywhere, except for in healthcare. Selfcare will change this. Selfcare gives you more personal insights which allows you to take control over your health and prevent diseases and chronic conditions.

Many products and services are currently being developed that allow for earlier detection of body signals and will provide us with better information on our health condition.How will we be able to keep track of all these different services and products? We can easily measure how well we sleep at night, how physically active we are, we can detect and diagnose spots on our skin, we can make an ECG from home or measure our own blood pressure. But how will we able to interpret and understand the meaning of these datastreams when they are not holistically integrated for us as as individuals?

Selfcare aims for the consumer who will be enabled to better understand his own body and anticipate on signals in a way that fits them best, without having to depend on a single vendor, institution or healthcare professional.

Selfcare integrates personal measurements and observations on a single platform and makes it personally relevant.


The current offer on the market for self-management is fragmented: there is no central place where all information relevant for me is integrated.

Furthermore, much of the available information is enclosed in different systems: with hospitals, pharmacies, general practitioners but also with wearable suppliers.

Counting the fact that, as a human being, you and your wishes with regard to your self-management will change over the years and you will realize that taking good care of yourself and preventing illness is no easy task.

Hence the Selfcare slogan: Take Good Care of Yourself. Selfcare offers the ideal solution to the above mentioned problems.


Selfcare provides an online platform where data from wearable devices is automatically gathered, where this data is enriched with personal notes and can be tailored to fit each unique individuals needs. Optionally, information can be shared with third parties that matter to you. The data you collect is yours: you decide what happens to it and whether the information will be shared with others.

Privacy and security of this data are holy to Selfcare.

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Selfcare is continuously expanding the number of connected suppliers and devices. Currently there are already connections with:

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From these suppliers, data from more than 14 sensor types can be collected on the personal Selfcare dashboard:

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A unique feature of Selfcare is the ability to provide users with feedback in a personal ‘tone-of-voice’ that suits them best. Currently there are four different digital coaches available to motivate people in a tone-of-voice that they choose themselves.

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The "message set" currently consists of over 100,000 messages. These messages are replenished daily.

You can set up a step-competition with wearable users from different suppliers:

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The limit values that a user wants stay within can be personalized. Wearables can be connected and disconnected, without historical data getting lost or discontinued. In addition, manual measurements can be done online and in the app to record measurement values or personal notes.

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An important special feature is SelfcarePro, a connected platform that we employ to support employers and patient organizations in their ambition to help employees and members stay healthy and vital on the long run.

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Intellectual Property

The software's Intellectual Property (IP) belongs to Selfcare. The logo, name and pay-off (Take Good Care of Yourself) have been claimed for different countries.

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Main contracts

We have closed contracts with several companies. Selfcare has been implemented at these companies:

• Avans Hogeschool (Higher Education)

• BNP Paribas Cardif (insurance)

• De Leeuw (Mortgages)


• MEE (well-being)

• Perspectief (organizational health service provider)

• Yarden (funeral services)


Marketing strategy

Selfcare focuses on three market segments:
1. Companies, aiming for sustainable employability.
2. Chronically ill, primary and secondary prevention aiming for self-management, home care.
3. Consumers who believe in their own responsibility for health and lifestyle.

The chronically ill are approached through GPs to improve care for these people. A state of the art selfcare platform with the ability to transmit data to healthcare professionals is a hot item and Selfcare raises the stakes here.

From their past professional experiences, the founders of Selfcare have an extensive network in this world.

The companies are approached both directly and via intermediaries. Sustainability and vitality are key topics. In the Netherlands these topics are coverd by organizational health service providers.

Distribution Strategy
Distribution focuses on companies that are dedicated to sustainable employability of their employees. This market can easily be identified and approached either directly or through collaboration with parties specialized in preventive health services and preventive medical examinanations, lifestyle coaching and/or health insurances.

In addition, Selfcare seeks cooperation with organizations, municipalities and professionals who want to remotely monitor and support consumers and patients.

Internationalization Strategy
From the very beginning of development, Selfcare has considered an international rollout. Consequently, it is relatively easy to answer current and expected privacy requirements (storage of data in the country of origin), technical requirements (splitting customer specific information from measurement data, making translations of the user interface, customized country-specific requirements such as different measurement units like mmol / l versus mg / dl and cultural differences).
Selfcare has warm contacts in the Benelux, Germany, Lithuania, Australia, England and USA.

Key partners
Selfcare focuses on providing an optimal environment for the self-management of health. In order to offer optimal service to its customers, the following partnerships have been set up:
• Data entry: technical connection with Fatsecret, Fitbit, iHealth, Jawbone, Medisana, Moves, Omron, and Withings. Data linking through Apple and Google have also been established recently which greatly enriches the Selfcare ecosystem of connected devices and apps.
• Services: collaboration with Flavorspace (personal meal recipes), Healthcoin (financial rewards for healthy behavior), Ivido (online coaching of people with chronic pain and fatigue), Technical University Eindhoven (social gaming: GameBus), and Vitalavie (coaching).

The Online Profile is only available in Dutch and French. You can change the language settings in the upper right corner of the screen.

This campaign ended on 2017-03-10