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SalesAssist is a “cloud” application developed by the Belgian company Think Web.

SalesAssist includes all the necessary tools for the daily management of a small company, both from an administrative as from a sales point of view.
Call it also a “Light ERP”, if you want, adapted to the specific needs of SMEs.

SalesAssist was fully developed from its first character to its final design by its conceivers as an own and original creation.

Structured in a modular way, SalesAssist contains various tools, ranging from CRM (accounts) to invoicing and provides a solution to many companies seeking to tackle these issues in an efficient, affordable and user-friendly way. And that is adapted to their size as well.

Developed on the basis of private funds, SalesAssist was put online in March 2013. It evolves rapidly thanks to the suggestions posted by its daily users. Today it aims to exceed BeNeLux boundaries, which is the reason why a capital injection is currently being considered.

You can try SalesAssist Free during 30 days via

So far, no loss of customer has been registered for reasons related to the application.
The number of users per customer (account) is increasing.

Some customers:

Fullmark (internal communication) : 17 «Service» users Sales Consult (consultants) : 9 «Service» users + 10 «Timesheet» users Euromill Invest (RestoPass): 8 «Service & Product» users Karott’ (advertising agency): 4 «Service» + 4 Timesheet users Wegnez (stationery wholesaler): 1 «Products + webshop» user

Some testimonials:

Future ICT
Very excited! That's the first thing we can say about Sales Assist. It is a relatively new product, with a look and functionality we enjoy seeing.
We were looking for a product that matched our methods and discipline. Migrating to a new service is always tricky. There are a lot of providers out there, so which to choose? After some Google searches we arrived on Sales Assist's website. Our first impression was good, and we decided to ask for a trial account. This was easy and quick to arrange. The first time we logged into SalesAssist we were immediately enthusiastic. It looks modern and complex, yet it is very clear. The functions SalesAssist offers easily comply with our wishes.
During the trial period we raised a couple of issues, proposing what we thought were better ways of addressing some processes. All wishes and comments were carefully treated and often we were told that they were implemented directly.
SalesAssist represents, in our view, the answer to a very large audience.
We now have an active subscription and we are 100 percent sure about SalesAssist. It is a pleasure to get home, log in and have all the information available in the evening hours.
Some features/capabilities are still missing but we are 100% confident that they will be functional in the near future. In the future, we would like to help improve/optimize SalesAssist.

C202 - Xavier Bartholomé - owner
I discovered SalesAssist while looking for a quick and easy solution to manage my additional self-employed activity. Several self-employed friends in the service industry (web, Accounting, ...) had also told me about their need for a management platform to integrate the entire process of their relationship with their customers, from contact management to billing through the management of tenders and projects.
SalesAssist brings it all! It is simple and quick and all the information necessary for managing the business are managed by a single platform.

IT-Consultancy - Geert Heremans - owner
I needed a simple system that I could use to leap my business on track. I'm so glad that I found SalesAssist. It's perfect when it comes to managing: contacts, invoices, work and proposals.
With the New SalesAssist app I can track of my business wherever I go. So when a client asks about a certain invoice I always have the information I need at my fingertips.


There are 1.350.000 Small (< 50 employees) and 18.000.000 Micro Enterprises (< 10 employees) in Europe (source: Eurostat)

SalesAssist is primarily intended for this kind of businesses (SME).
They need effective management tools, but do not have the means or the time to acquire existing costly solutions.

Yes, tools exist…
Most SMEs manage their administration using Excel and Word files as well as other solutions found on the web.

… but most are stand-alone solutions!

The main issue resides in the fact that all these solutions do not integrate themselves easily and that they do not « talk to each other ».
The same data therefore need to be reintroduced many times over again in different databases, increasing the exposure to errors and loss of time.
Last but not least: you have to buy, learn and configure all these programs separately. And pay a lot of money for back-ups, server and maintenance costs.



SME, micro companies
SalesAssist is primarily aimed at companies of max 50 employees. These entrepreneurs are looking for affordable, efficient and easy to implement solutions. They are often more open to new technologies and take decisions quickly.
Sales and project management departments are the first ones to be interested in the solution and, in particular, by the total interconnection of services.

Activity sectors
From the outset, SalesAssist is open to all activities.
But SalesAssist will target specific business sectors consultants, marketing companies, event agencies, retail businesses …


Unlike many other applications, the pricing of SalesAssist aims at being directly accessible, clear and transparent.

The price per user is currently the same for everyone : 15 €/user/month.
Each additional user « Timesheet » is invoiced 5 €/ month.

Those wishing to use product and inventory management modules, pay 15 €/month extra, regardless of the number of users. Enabling the webshop and its hosting costs from 40€/month depending on the number of online products.

Clients manage their own tariff plan themselves and only pay monthly for the real number of users.

The reasons for this type of tariffing are :

A single price : Search for simplicity, clarity. A low price : to be competitive. Aiming for quantity. A low supplement for the « Articles» section: companies that use this module are often small companies. Note that many webshop solutions exist at low prices or even for free. It is important to keep these customers and to encourage them to use the integrated webshop for which they are charged extra. In future, some new functions will be subject of supplements.

Free test

SalesAssist is a “Plug & Play” cloud application. The application does not require to be downloaded, nor does it require any support or installation assistance. Simply connect via internet and start
New customers can try SalesAssist Free during 30 days via

Distribution channels

Distribution and promotion will mainly happen through the Internet via AdWords campaigns, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ...) and e-mailings.
Attention will be given to partners and influencers (consultants, accountants ...) which may include SalesAssist in the panel proposed solutions to their customers.

Customer service

At the bottom of each screen, a "Feedback & Support" link allows for asking questions directly by e-mail.
This same link allows for making suggestions, which is common among web users.
Responding quickly to these emails is an absolute priority.

At present, a local phone number (per country) is visible on the site. Its presence is necessary to reassure a potential customer wanting a human presence behind SalesAssist.

This campaign ended on 2014-05-31

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