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ChanvrEco SA turns industrial hemp into natural thermal insulation.
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ChanvrEco produces aggregates for building insulation from hemp straw.

ChanvrEco offers three different products:

'prohemp' is the company's flagship product. It is intended for the thermal insulation of buildings and comes in the form of aggregates.
Furthermore, 'prohemp' is mixed with lime to produce Hemp Lime Concrete (HLC). HLC is cast onto wooden frames or it is used to renovate old walls.

'fine prohemp' is intended to be mixed with clay and lime in coatings; and,

'100% Hemp' is intended to be used as ground cover, as an alternative to conifer bark.

Hemp is grown in Belgium. It is then processed locally in the ChanvrEco production unit.

ChanvrEco SA is recognized by the Center for Scientific and Technical Construction (CSTC) as an insulator and can therefore benefit from insulation incentives, and gain access to the public buildings construction market.


ChanvrEco was established in 2007 due to an alarming observation: materials used to insulate buildings at the time had major drawbacks from an environmental and technical point of view, and in terms of health.

On the environmental front, hemp is a natural material produced and processed in Belgium. It has an ecological footprint smaller than insulation such as polyurethane made from petrochemicals, glass wool and rock wool - which it is still a problem to recycle.

In terms of health, hemp insulation prevents the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the house. Lime-hemp concrete is easily recyclable and can be upgraded fully in the agricultural world: composed of nitrogen, organic matter and lime, it can be crushed and deposited in a field as natural fertilizer. Moreover, the porosity of the material allows the humidity in the building to be regulated. We know that the humidity and the air quality inside our homes are factors that affect our families' comfort and health. Excess humidity due to condensation, rising damp or seepage, and the presence of dry rot, mites, fungi and other parasites cause serious respiratory diseases that affect children and adolescents, primarily in homes with unhealthy living conditions.

Finally, on the technical side, hemp provides thermal inertia much higher than polyurethane or wool. Heat enters and leaves the building much slower than with other insulating materials. So much so that the cycle of heating and cooling the home is 'smoothed', offering a very stable indoor climate.
In other words, if it is true that the static thermal conductivity of hemp is less efficient than that of insulators derived from petrochemicals, the inertia of the product far outweighs this defect.


ChanvrEco SA works with dealers for its insulation products (Prohemp) and ground cover (100% Hemp), but it markets products directly to the industrial sector and entrepreneurs.

Once the distribution network is established, sales to individuals and small businesses will no longer be operated directly by ChanvrEco SA.

This campaign ended on 2014-12-15

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