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Dialogfeed amplifies all the social content where it counts for the brands across the Social Wall: on their websites and on the televisions screens connected in public places.
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The objective of Dialogfeed is to amplify all the social content where it counts for the brands across the Social Wall: on their websites and on the televisions screens connected in public places (points of sale, events, ...)

What is the impact of a social wall? A site that is more engaging, more social, more viral for the sake of greater traffic and a better conversion.

Dialogfeed aggregates all the social networks and captures the diverse flows (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, RSS, Youtube, etc.). Dialogfeed moderates them (automatically by key word and manually), enriches them (text, photo, video, URL), and republishes them on fine, personalised social walls on the website and on other screens (mobile, TV, ...).

In the beginning, Dialogfeed was developed in partnership with its principal clients, the Major Accounts, like BNP Paribas Fortis and France24, which co-invested in the solution.

Dialog Solutions today has a dozen paying clients (BNP Paribas, France 24, La Redoute, Altarea-Cogedim, Touring, Telenet, Delhaize, Europ Assistance, SNCB, Barclay’s, ….) and operates offices in Brussels and in Paris.
In the summer of 2014, Dialogfeed rounded out its offer by adding sales online with a freemium strategy that complements sales to major accounts and via partners.

In 2011 Dialog Solutions raised €500,000 in cash thanks to business angels and some private Belgian investors, including Internet Attitude.


Companies realise that their websites and their offline presence remain strategic, but they want to infuse them with the power of social viral growth and so they think of integrating social networks in their communication strategy. However, investments made in communication on the social networks are often made without a vision of return on the investment.

Meanwhile, the social networks are diversifying and getting more and more specialised. Management of the public content on the various platforms requires much greater efforts.


The strategy is above all a strategy of SaaS (Software as a Service), with an ‘online’ part to generate volume and reputation (freemium), and a ‘major account’ part on a more classic model of direct sales. The objective is also to increase the probability of sales to each prospect by fleshing out the offer while remaining in the most promising sectors.

As regards the ‘online’ part: this is essentially a strategy of digital marketing which rests on 3 pillars: (1) referencing (via opinion leaders, links in widgets, etc.) (2) paying acquisition (3) contents and social media (blogs). For the moment, without investment, the solution generates 3 to 4 clients signing up per day. By also proposing integration of content generated by the opinion leaders, the ‘On Line’ product will be much more attractive.

As regards ‘major accounts’ : this is a model of direct sales, with a more expensive ‘corporate’ license based on generating useful leads via e-mailing/calling, and conversion on the basis of an offer. Sales at Dialogfeed are essentially direct.

Indirect sales also are being developed via various partners, agencies in Belgium (These Days, Aegis/Isobar,…), in France (Image & Dialogue, Tequila Rapido, Bif district, Lemon Invest, Publicis, …), in the UK (Akqa) and even a few in the USA for its ‘major accounts’ which work like intermediaries or which integrate the solution in their offers of services.

The presence of Dialogfeed is already global. In its ‘online’ sales, Dialog Solution has some users just about everywhere in the world, which attests to its ability to be visible far and wide. Meanwhile, the sale to major accounts is done locally and necessitates a local presence which will be developed step by step. As a Belgian company, Dialogfeed first attacked its domestic market with a good number of success stories (BNP Paribas, Telenet, Delhaize/Red Market, etc…). Given that the Belgian market is limited in size, the company decided also to grow in France as well. This decision was taken in April 2014.

The French market is much bigger than the Belgian market in all strategic aspects: clients, agencies/resellers/consultants, human resources and finance, etc. The company must keep its headquarters in Belgium and its activities will depend on how the market develops.

In the future (late 2015 – 2016), the company plans to open new offices in other countries, in particular in the United Kingdom.

This campaign ended on 2014-11-30

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