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Nutrition monitoring made easy and sustainable for patients and caretakers.
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Sweetbee is developing a highly innovative set of mobile applications that scan your meals and provide an overview of their calorific and glycemic values, ideal for people with diabetics.

Sweetbee® originated from a concern about good information for diabetes patients. With the multitude of information from various angles, people sometimes can’t see the wood from the trees. That’s why Sweetbee® decided to compile clear and illustrated information, utilizing a so-called ‘platemate’ visualization.

Platform between product- & serviceprovider and the consumer to aggregate information and allow the consumer control of that information. Central position will create a networking effect.


There was a definite need for a compilation of information. It had to be clear and scientifically founded. This is why the Sweetbee® was created. An information package about diabetes, a Diabetes Handbook, a unique food atlas, government information, diabetes products, discount vouchers for standard products, etc. Diabetes patients get this Sweetbee® information package free of charge thanks to the support of several partners.


Marketing strategy

To continue expanding Sweetbee’s services, a two-person salesteam will proactively approach the Belgian and Dutch markets. Sweetbee’s mobile identity and usability on the different platforms demands that updates are continuously and carefully pushed

Distribution strategy

Offline distribution of information via pamphlets and online distribution of Sweetbee apps, on mobile devices (iOS & Android) and PC (SaaS).

Internationalization strategy

Due to internationalization Sweetbee will also focus on expanding its international activities the upcoming two years.

Main partners

-Medical device companies (ex. Lifescan, Bayer, Sanofi),
-Healthcare centres in Belgium and internationally
-food companies (ex. Nestle, Danone, Alpro )

This campaign ended on 2015-07-12

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