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The simplicity of a baby shower gift list 'à la carte'!
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Les Chamalous is a user-friendly and interactive platform, meant as a bridge between future parents and local retail stores and businesses.

Les Chamalous offer all the benefits of a traditional baby wish list, adding an important surplus value: total freedom with respect for the wishes of young parents. This means an extensive choice of smaller local (multi)brand shops, where, for the first time, the usual baby and childcare products on a baby wish list are linked to services such as massages, baby wearing workshops or photo shoots.


The organisation supports smaller retail stores and meets the needs of young parents with, as a starting point, the baby wish list. The starting-point is a user-friendly and interactive online platform that uses the internet and unifies the common interests of retailers, parents and buyers.


Finally a baby wish list allowing parents to buy the products and services they really wish and need, when they want and where they want. No time pressure, no purchase volumes. And the amount of the list is put into a bank account, opened in the name of the parents.

Service & advice of the local retailer

Because the big (multi)brand stores put everyone in the same box, because they commercialise the same products, without really giving good advice… Les Chamalous provides a selection of smaller local retail shops offering excellent quality with the assets of a group.

In 1 shop or in 8

The freedom of the parents also concerns the retail shop where they want to buy, whether they prefer to buy everything in one baby and childcare shop or to go shopping in several shops of the network. And with an immediate cashback of 10% on each purchase: €100 = €110.

Top 5 arguments

  • More than 200 exclusive services for baby wish lists.
  • More than 80 independent (multi)brand shops in Belgium.
  • An immediate cashback of 10% on each purchase.
  • Without any time restriction.
  • Professional advice and personal assistance.


  • 600 lists and 130 retail businesses in the network by the end of 2015.
  • Launch of a range of products as a quality label for baby wish lists.
  • Respecting the Belgian and European E-money Directives, the compatibility with the electronic payment terminals of the network.


Distribution strategy

Online, fairs, network of commercial businesses, partners, B2B salons & B2B key accounts.

This campaign ended on 2015-09-30

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