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Imagine a solution that would allow you to gain extra storage space without leaving home.

Boxify is the optimal storage solution for companies as well as for private individuals. You no longer need to buy storage boxes, pay for storage space that you don't use or move to a remote location to access your storage space. With Boxify, you can control everything that you store in just a few clicks and we will transport it back to you. Boxify is the optimal solution which makes storing your belongings incredibly easy.

Welcome to the era of intelligent storage solutions.



When it comes to storing items, we're confronted with 3 recurring problems :

1. Lack of space

Have you ever thought you would be better off with more space ?

Over the years, people are living in smaller and smaller spaces. This trend will continue as demographic growth exceeds the growth of housing spaces. Over the last 15 years, the average surface for housing in Belgium has decreased by 19%*.

*Source : STATBEL, Key figures 2014

2. Lack of time

Have you ever thought that you are lacking time to do everything you need to do ?

If you are, be reassured, you're not the only one. 73% of Belgians have declared that they believe so*. It is obvious that as the world evolves faster and faster, we wish to accomplish more and more things. Unfortunately, a day only counts 24 hours.

* Source : LABOR FOUNDATION - NAMUR, Survey on time and work 2007

3. Difficulty of transportation

Lets be honest, transportation in big cities is a living nightmare.

As a matter of fact, Belgium is at the top of the most traffic congested countries of Europe. Even if you account for North American countries, Belgium still maintains its top position ! The cities of Brussels and Antwerp rank above cities of the likes of New York or Paris in terms of daily traffic congestion*.

In just ten years time, on a worldwide scale, the amount of automobiles in circulation has increased by almost 25%. Belgium is, once again, well above the European average.

* Source: INRIX, Traffic scorecard annual report 2014

** Source : STATBEL, Key figures 2014


Boxify has developed the ideal solution to answer all your storage problems.

Boxify helps you to safely store all your belongings, without having to move from your home. Unlike traditional storage solutions, Boxify helps you to gain time and money through its simplicity.

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Here's how it works :

1) You visit our website and book a meeting when it suits you. We will bring you all the storage boxes you'll need to pack in your belongings.

2) You pack in all your belongings in the storage boxes you have received and let us know when you are done. At that moment, one of our dedicated employees will come and pick them up to transport them to a secure warehouse.

3) Through our client interface, which is accessible by smartphone or computer, you can have an overview of the belongings you have stored. They will stay there as long as you desire. At any moment, you can request that any item be returned to you.

It's simple, transparent and fast.

Starting from 6.25€/month ATI, you will benefit from your own secure storage space.

Measuring 68x43x32cm for a volume of 94 liters, our storage boxes have been studied to provide the optimal solution for storage of anything ranging from archives to objects.

Boxify is better than any traditional storage solution !

At Boxify, there are no hidden costs :

You only pay for what you really use : no more price per m², you'll only pay for the items that you are truly storing. In addition, you'll only be charged once that your belongings are in our secure warehouse.

  • Free storage boxes : with Boxify, forget about having to buy your boxes for storage, they are delivered directly to your home.
  • All included service : insurance, deposit of empty boxes, withdrawal of storage boxes, 7 days a week and all day long availability and uniform pricing no matter where you live (in Belgium). You will always be in control of what you have stored through your personal client interface.
  • Flexibility : add or remove storage boxes according to your needs.
  • No set-up fees or hidden costs
  • No notice period when you want to resign the use of our service

You pay a simple monthly fee based on the amount of storage boxes you have sent us and a transport fee for the return of your belongings. This fee is fixed no matter the amount of objects you want to withdraw. Good news, the longer you stay loyal to our service, the lower these return fee will become! On simple request, we guarantee a delivery of your belongings to your doorstep within 48 hours.What can I store with Boxify?You can store whatever fits in our storage boxes. Better yet, anything which can be carried by a single person (Golf clubs, ski material, snowboard, luggage, portable air conditioner, chairs, automobile tires, ...) can also be stored !

Intellectual Property

Boxify is an official registered name at the Benelux Office of Intellectual Property.

Major contracts

During its activities, Boxify has concluded numerous contracts with suppliers (cardboard storage box manufacturers, plastic storage box manufacturers, web agencies, marketing agencies, ...) as well as its partners.


Marketing strategy

The marketing strategy will vary in function of the type of user :

1) B2C marketing strategy : optimize the visibility of the service and its commercialization, branding of storage boxes, standardization of the material to the colors of the company, fidelity program, follow-up and user feedback, hotline, thorough online marketing strategy (Google Ad-Words, Re-marketing, Real time bidding, Bannering, ...), inbound marketing, press articles, marketing and communication partnerships.

2) B2B marketing strategy : optimize the visibility of the service and its commercialization, branding of storage boxes, standardization of the material to the colors of the company, fidelity program, follow-up and user feedback, hotline, thorough online marketing strategy (Google Ad-Words, Re-marketing, Real time bidding, Bannering, ...), inbound marketing, press articles, commercial prospecting and follow-up, rebates for big quantities, strategic partnerships.

Distribution strategy

The distribution of the Boxify service will mainly be done through the website Nevertheless, we have achieved strategic partnerships with different parties which offer our solution to their acquaintances and other new potential clients.

Internationalization strategy

February 2016 : extension of the service to the whole Belgian market.

Mid-term : As the business model is scalable, there is no problem to implement this solution in other European cities. Similar entities are active in other major big cities.

Main partners

Boxify has developed numerous partnerships for the daily operations of its activities. These partners allow Boxify to handle its operations as efficiently as possible and deliver an innovative and qualitative service to customers which gives them a unique customer experience.

The major partners of Boxify are :

  • BECI : chamber of commerce and union of the companies of Brussels, coaching and follow-up by professionals with expertise in this field, structure utilization
  • UPS : transport company used for deliveries outside Brussels
  • CHERRYPULP : web agency for the creation of the online client interface platform for Boxify
  • IDWEAVER : marketing agency
  • CATALA : cardboard storage box manufacturer
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This campaign ended on 2016-03-31

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