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Consumer Services - Belgium - First sales

Executive summary

What's 2houses?

2houses is a web platform and mobile app that help separated parents communicate and become better organized for what is the most important thing in their lives: their children.

What does 2houses propose to their users?

Organize custody scheduling, keep track of shared expenses and share school and medical information are some of the set of tools 2houses is offering. The platform aims to prioritize written and pre-formatted communication better than arguments over the phone.


What are the results of 2houses since its launch?

Since the launch of a beta version end of 2011, 2houses services evolved a lot: on top of the co-parenting tools (web and mobile) that are used by more than 25.000 families, serving more than 30.000 children in 100 countries; the portal also offers proprietary content and resources for separated and divorced parents and a directory of professionals (mediators, lawyers, coaches, etc) who are happy to answer members' specific questions.

Total number of families using the service:

Nr of families

Market - Problem

What problem 2houses answers ?

Communication between divorced/separated parents is sometimes difficult and generator of conflicts. Whether we like it or not, separated parents still have to communicate on the matters of their children.

In high conflict families or even with good speaking terms parents, phone and direct conversations often generate useless arguments. Having a web interface that reduce the emotional element can minimize conflicts and make the children happier.

See what our users are saying:

Testimony of Rudi Laurent

Testimony of Sandrina Presciutti

Product - Solution offered

What are the tools proposed by 2houses ?

2houses is a set of online tools available on the web or via the mobile app that help and support the separated parents in their daily communication:

  • Interactive custody calendar: based on custody agreement, the parents are able to enter the data (type of custody, exchange day, rule for holidays, etc) and the system will automatically issue a clear calendar visible for both parents. Each parent will be able to request a change anytime; the other parent will receive a gentle and pre-formatted notification (email, SMS and/or push) and will be able to interact (accept, propose alternatives, etc). Children can also have a limited access to the calendar and tools.

  • Expenses log: this allows parents to keep track of shared expenses, different rules are applied to different type of expenses (50/50, 25/75, etc). The system will display the balance to both parents and offer the possibility to send gentle invites for payments.

  • Journal: there is a number of information to be shared between separated parents about their children. This will be a place where each parent can type a note, post a picture or a video which will be visible and for which the other parent will be notified. Could be: quick feedback from a conversation with the teacher, note about homework, child sick last night and should keep an eye, video from the last tennis training, etc.This aims to improve communication and keep track of it.

  • Photo albums

  • Information bank: this is a goldmine where both parents can store and retrieve all important information linked with their children. Briefly, this is: address book, financial information, medical information, vaccination records, general information like shoe size or food preferences.

  • Messaging & notifications

Distribution model

How is 2houses communicated to its target audience?

To maximize the return, we use different channels to generate traffic to our webpage and mobile app download page:

  • SEO: on top of the standard SEO optimization of our web presence, we produce our own content for separated and divorced parents that generates qualified traffic to us. These articles are visible on our blog

  • SEA: we use different online members acquisition channels, our budget is mainly used on Google and Facebook campaigns (Adwords, click to download, etc). We measure and monitor the results and adapt our campaigns on a continuous basis and make sure we optimize our CPA (cost per acquisition).

  • Social media: 2houses is active on Facebook and twitter to acquire members and professionals.

  • Branding through online and offline campaigns

  • Intermediaries (family mediators, lawyers, etc) who use our co-parenting guide to inform their clients/patients and introduce 2houses services. We've built a network of 600 intermediaries in Belgium and 200 in France.


2houses Shares

125 Funded

102% Crowd progress
  • 1.8% Equity offered
  • €2,000,000 Pre-money valuation
  • Already invested by the crowd €51,150
  • Anticipated from professionals €454,988
  • Amount raised €506,138

Amount raised: €506,138

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    1 Lead investor ?

    Inventures was incorporated on May, 25th, 2011 as a holding aiming at investing in promising companies aiming at solving societal problems...

  • €454,988

    Other business angels

    Other business angels
  • €51,150


    125 investors ?

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125 investors

  • Jean-Michel Waroquier
  • Laurent Andrianne
  • Manoelle van der Straten
  • Frederic Bergeret
  • Juergen Carius
  • Guillaume Dewispelaere
  • Gauthier De Loof
  • Olivier Tasnier
  • Martin Sikkink
  • Federico Bisschop

What's that?

Project status


Activity feed

  • 18 Sep 18:09 New investment by: José Zurstrassen
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